Good Foot Forward

Providing proper foot care services for Barrie and Area

The Good Foot Forward Program offers foot care clinics providing basic foot care services for people who have Diabetes or Peripheral Arterial Disease (poor blood flow to the feet) and do not have private insurance or the ability to pay for services.

Do you have diabetes or been diagnosed with poor blood flow to your feet?
Are you without access to foot care (you don’t have private health insurance or ability to pay for foot care privately)?

Foot care is key to prevent issues that could lead to lower-limb amputations. Proper foot care can help prevent problems that could lead to the loss of parts of your legs or feet.


of people with Diabetes will get a foot ulcer in their lifetime.

Find out if you’re eligible call the self-referral line today!

Adults living with Diabetes are:

20 Times

more likely to have a lower-limb amputation
(removal of part of feet or leg).

Who we serve

The Good Foot Forward program provides basic foot care services for people who have Diabetes or Peripheral Arterial Disease and have no access to foot care (i.e. no extended health benefits or ability to pay for foot care privately).

In collaboration with Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin and the Barrie Native Friendship Centre, the Good Foot Forward program offers foot care to Indigenous People in culturally safe spaces.

Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin co-created the Good Foot Forward Program, ensuring that the needs of the Indigenous Community were included in the development of the program. The nurses have also taken cultural safety training to enhance their knowledge on providing culturally safe care.

Problems with your feet can include things like:

To find out if you’re eligible for these foot care services, call the self-referral line today 705-794-6023.

Clinic Locations

Barrie Native
Friendship Centre

175 Bayfield St.,

Barrie and Community Family Health Team

370 Bayview Dr.,
3rd Floor, Barrie

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"As an Advisor participating in the working group it has been an honour to share new ways of thinking and contributing to ideas from my own personal experience. The change from being a passive patient to an involved participant with a healthcare team has been very informative and leads to your own proactive daily care, less stress and much better long-term outcomes."
Rosemary M.
Patient Family Caregiver (PFC) Advisor on the Lower-Limb Preservation (LLP) Working Group
"To be able to receive care at the right time by the same provider has empowered me to take control over preventative foot care strategies while living with diabetes and at times reoccurring foot ulcers. Working closely with a foot care nurse is assuring me that my foot care is well coordinated and, when appropriate, we can access a team of health care professionals that include my family doctor, specialized chiropody and wound care if needed. This is keeping me mobile and living with a significant decrease of risk in developing future foot complications leading to lower limb amputations."
Doriano C.
Patient, Good Foot Forward Clinic and PFC Advisor on the LLP Working Group

Our partners

This program is supported by funding from the Government of Ontario in partnership with:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have private insurance you can access foot care from a private clinic. You can view a list of services by visiting the NSM Healthline website or by clicking here.

Check your insurance coverage to find what services you are eligible for.

You can find a list of private, fee-for-service, foot care options by visiting the NSM Healthline website or by clicking here.

Seek medical attention immediately. You can see your primary care practitioner, go to the walk-in clinic, or your local emergency department.  If required, routine wound care can be arranged and provided in the community through community nursing clinics.

For a list of same-day or urgent care options, visit

Home and Community Care Support Services offers specialized wound care services at community nursing clinics.

Your primary care provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) may refer you to the Good Foot Forward clinic. You can also self-refer by calling 705-721-8010. 

If you have an infected wound, you may need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner to get antibiotics before starting wound care.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a term used to describe diseased blood vessels that are not related to your heart. It results from a buildup of plaque in the walls of blood vessels (arteries). This reduces or blocks the flow of blood to your legs and other organs. PAD is most commonly seen in the legs. Learn more by clicking here.